Summer Foraging

After an incredible summer of sun and heat, we’ve been further rewarded with a bumper crop of berries in the Cove! Before the berries came the wildflowers:

A patch of heather at the cottage

To dry heather: cut stems, tie in bunches of 3-4. Place bunches in 1/4 inch of water, let evaporate. I’ll take an ‘after’ shot when we visit the cottage this weekend.

After: the 1/4″ of water had evaporated, and the colour was as vibrant as ever!

The raspberries were plump and plentiful, first emerging at the beginning of the month

The Chuckley Pears are almost as big as grapes! They’re known as Saskatoon berries throughout Canada, and service berries in the USA

Chuckley Pear crisp

These red currants will make their way into some muffins

Coastal blueberry patch behind the cottage: first blueberries of the season!

Wearing my blueberry picking camouflage

This past weekend, I picked 2 gallons of blueberries with J’s mom in the ‘secret’ spot.

Blueberries topped with Acadian Maple infused whipped cream



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Suddenly Pink

A few months ago, I bought some spray paint at Canadian Tire for a bargain: cans for less than $2!? Sign me up. One of the colours was a pale pink, and while I didn’t have any immediate plans for the shade, I knew something would come along just begging for the colour. The time has arrived!

In a previous post, I discussed my affinity for taking relatively worthless furniture, and giving new life to the pieces through a couple coats of paint.

I took this side table I’ve been using in the office:

Gave it a quick sanding in the backyard, using a foam sanding block

A new look in just a few hours, for only $2

I absolutely love my rose bouquet from Mount Scio Farm! They’re grown locally, without the use of pesticides and herbicides. The Farm has been popular for wedding flowers this year, and it’s easy to see why.

When the roses were wilting, I picked the petals, and dried them on cookie sheets lined with paper towel. After a few days, my herbicide/pesticide free potpourri was ready.

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More Seaside Slacking

As we continue to have the warmest, sunniest summer on record in Newfoundland, J and I have banished any notion of home reno progress in favour of weekend slacking at the cottage. The first round of recreational cod fishing runs from July 21 to August 12, and we’re lucky to have family willing to share their catch!

5am sunrise in the Cove; boats are already in the water, baiting the lines.

Watching the traffic from the deck

Gorgeous day on the water!

Two filets for us; thanks, cousin Barry!

Classic pan fried cod

Walking to the Cove Beach

She was alternating between ocean and sand immersion

Swimming off the rocks behind the house

We named the beach Starfish Beach because we always find so many there!

Thanks to Ardis at Rustic Retrievals for this lovely potpourri lantern, included in a backyard prize pack she generously sent earlier this month! Check out her shop here.

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Canada Day Capelin

Capelin are a small fish belonging to the smelt family, important to Newfoundland for centuries as both a reliable, seasonal food source, and serving as a fertilizer for vegetable gardens. The annual capelin roll is also a sign of summer’s arrival in Newfoundland; the timing of their arrival varies, but this year, it coincided with the best Canada Day weekend on record!

It was 8 o’clock in the morning when we saw the tell-tale sign of capelin on the beach: seabird city!

Gulls skimming the water for capelin

More fish than water!

Beaching themselves in an effort to propagate. Watch where you step!

Success! Almost as much capelin roe as sand on the beach.


J was lucky to inherit his grandfather’s cast net. He remembers hauling wheelbarrow loads of capelin up to the garden, where the fish would be buried beneath the soil. Here’s a composite of J throwing out the net:

Pulling in the net

Back at the cottage, it’s important to clean the cast net in fresh water.

Drying the net

Lastly, cleaning the capelin before pan-frying the tasty fish.

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Bits and Bobs

The last week in June was spent in my home province of Nova Scotia, serving as Maid of Honour for one of my best friends! It was a beautiful wedding in an amazing setting; the ceremony and reception was held her mom’s barn, in Annapolis Royal. Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the festivities:

Back at the row house in St. John’s: a neon plant holder in under an hour!

Dusted off this short plant holder, left by prior residents, and placed in in *the spray zone* (a cement stone to be discarded when we do the backyard)

Two coats!


Also, our kitchen faucet finally kicked the bucket; it was only a $50 Canadian Tire clearance item, bought 2 years ago, so lesson learned. We replaced it with this Moen model, and are very pleased with the upgrade.


and after!

We’re still spending most weekends at the Cove, so no progress on the elusive master bathroom. No regrets!

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