Summer Foraging

After an incredible summer of sun and heat, we’ve been further rewarded with a bumper crop of berries in the Cove! Before the berries came the wildflowers:

A patch of heather at the cottage

To dry heather: cut stems, tie in bunches of 3-4. Place bunches in 1/4 inch of water, let evaporate. I’ll take an ‘after’ shot when we visit the cottage this weekend.

After: the 1/4″ of water had evaporated, and the colour was as vibrant as ever!

The raspberries were plump and plentiful, first emerging at the beginning of the month

The Chuckley Pears are almost as big as grapes! They’re known as Saskatoon berries throughout Canada, and service berries in the USA

Chuckley Pear crisp

These red currants will make their way into some muffins

Coastal blueberry patch behind the cottage: first blueberries of the season!

Wearing my blueberry picking camouflage

This past weekend, I picked 2 gallons of blueberries with J’s mom in the ‘secret’ spot.

Blueberries topped with Acadian Maple infused whipped cream



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2 responses to “Summer Foraging

  1. My parents grow service berries at their place in Ottawa — I never knew that that’s what Saskatoon berries were called. They make fantastic jam, if you can get them before the birds do!

  2. Heritage Row Reno

    I have a a few cups in the freezer! We couldn’t believe how blue our mouths turned after eating the crisp. Like, NAVY blue. I had to brush my teeth 3x before it looked like I hadn’t drank a quart of wine.

    In Nova Scotia, my mom grew up calling these berries Indian plums, or Indian berries.

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