Bits and Bobs

The last week in June was spent in my home province of Nova Scotia, serving as Maid of Honour for one of my best friends! It was a beautiful wedding in an amazing setting; the ceremony and reception was held her mom’s barn, in Annapolis Royal. Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the festivities:

Back at the row house in St. John’s: a neon plant holder in under an hour!

Dusted off this short plant holder, left by prior residents, and placed in in *the spray zone* (a cement stone to be discarded when we do the backyard)

Two coats!


Also, our kitchen faucet finally kicked the bucket; it was only a $50 Canadian Tire clearance item, bought 2 years ago, so lesson learned. We replaced it with this Moen model, and are very pleased with the upgrade.


and after!

We’re still spending most weekends at the Cove, so no progress on the elusive master bathroom. No regrets!


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