Summer Slacking at the Seaside

Please forgive us for slacking off around the house for the last couple of months, but the weather has been fabulous!! After an especially rotten summer last year, we’ve been abandoning our reno projects in favour of outdoor pursuits!

We’ve spent a few weekends at the cottage in the Cove, where we decided to clear a few trees to allow a better view of Conception Bay:

J’s work overalls on the deck rail, ready to chop down a few of the trees on the right. The Mountain Ash next to the rail will also be trimmed.

Of course, we hadn’t planned to do any landscaping, so the chainsaw and box saw were both in the city. But, there was an axe. We also realized that the ladder had been borrowed, so J had to make one.

A ladder!

See all of those limbs, impeding a clear view. Very vulnerable to stealthy pirate galleons.

Lumberjack moves


J to the left, taking limbs off the felled tree

A much clearer view. Shot from the living room, and the reflection on the glass looks like a pirate ship’s sails, OoOoOh! Haha. Too many mojitos?

Read about the Cove’s most famous pirate, Peter Easton.

Now, for the slacking:


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  1. wow—a million dollar view….enjoy!!

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