Mojitos on The Rocks

The last time we made the hour-long trek to the Cove, we were closing up the cottage for winter’s advance. For the first time in our 4 years together, we didn’t visit over winter, as most weekends are spent working on our house. Newfoundland is having a pretty typical spring, in that we’re skipping the season entirely. So, we’ve been thinking about warmer months at the Cove: spending afternoons on the hot rocks, sipping mojitos and spotting whales. Soon!

Canoeing on Harbour Grace Lake, next to the Cove.

Exploring Starfish Beach, where you can find at least 5 starfish when the tide is out.

The dog needs some convincing from J before she'll swim in the cold ocean.

Mojitos and daytime fireworks are an integral part of Saturday afternoon in the Cove.

Extra straws and creative headwear are other necessities.

Queen of the seaweed! She loves digging at mussels in the pools.

Big smiles on the deck.

Here’s a video of my friend and I trying to arrange a pleasant encounter between our chocolate lab pup and a little herd of sheep:

My visiting friend snapped this fantastic shot of the moment:

Taken by my pal, Chloe.

Come onnnn, July.


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