Iceberg Alley

While other Canadians are welcoming Spring with budding trees and warming temperatures, Newfoundland and Labradorians know that the great thaw has begun here when we see the first icebergs!

Here’s a berg we spied last night, just outside of Petty Harbour (~20 minutes from St. John’s).

Iceberg Finder is the best source for information to locate these floating ice islands, and can help in planning a tour.

In April 2009, my parents visited from Nova Scotia, and were lucky to come during an especially active year for icebergs. We took a tour from Witless Bay, and here are some of the photos I snapped (click on photo for full size):

Me + mom

Our tour skirted by a protected island, home to hundreds of puffins! Cutest, smelliest island ever.

Two puffins, hanging out!

Close-up of the cutest little one.

When J and I were in Northern Labrador, we used iceberg bits for drinking water, and showers on the boat. Here’s a big ol’ pot o’bergy bits:

With any luck, this year we should be another active one for bergs, and we’ll have lots more shots to share.


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