New (old) mirror and wall sconces

The thing we love most about the first floor living room is the original, unstained wood fireplace mantel. The previous owners had placed a frameless rectangular mirror above the mantel, and flanked it with two bronze wall sconces. Spooky orange bulbs cast a Halloween vibe in the space, so we replaced them with more modern candle bulbs.

Flashback: the living room was painted dusty rose, and the wall sconces were possessed.

We painted the room Blue Crevice, by Sico, but left the clip mirror and bronze sconces until we found a mirror to compliment the mantel.

Then, this Christmas, we found the perfect mirror for our mantel already hanging in our house. We found some dark bronze wall sconces for super cheap, and were pleasantly surprised when we installed them where the lighter ones had been. Until we find the perfect sconces, these will do nicely.

I made my own candle sleeves using craft paper and a glue gun, after I saw these cool examples by Kaarskoker.

I cut four rectangles from the paper to fit the 4 plastic candle sleeves. Leaving a half inch of exposed plastic closest to the lightbulb protects against fire risk. I glued the edges with a few dots from the glue gun, and voila:


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