Blizzard warning

Although it’s a bit early for Sheila’s Brush to cast a white swath over our province (read more about the phenomenon here), we’re preparing for an early March snowfall and wind sustained at 40-70km/hr, with gusts to 120.

From the Weather Network

During Hurricane Maria last fall, we posted a few photos of the storm as it made landfall over Signal Hill (snapped from the safety of the master bedroom). In the same spirit of that post, here are some current views of the Battery, Signal Hill, and the Narrows before the blustery weather:

(Click on the image for full size version)

Fort Amherst

Red, right, return buoy in the Narrows, and the beginning of the Signal Hill trail. Spot the ship's mast?

The winding road up Signal Hill to Cabot Tower.

Houses of the upper and lower Battery, on Signal Hill. Also, a crane jib! How many Newfoundland flags do you see? I found three.

We’ll update with the white-out shots later. Stay warm!


Here are some updated shots from the same vantage points, after 25 cms of snow (click on the image for full size version):

White caps on the ocean at Fort Amherst

Jellybean row houses, with a wave crashing the foothills of Signal Hill

Closer look of a wave crashing the rocks of the lower Battery

Sunny Signal Hill and Cabot Tower


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