We love local: WALL ART!!

This is the first installation of ‘We love local’, where we introduce some of our favourite local items and ideas!

Our inaugural post celebrates art bought and bartered in St. John’s, limited to anything and everything that may be hung on walls.
Ryan Ryan and his lovely partner were weekly vendors at the St. John’s Farmers Market. Ryan² has a very colourful style that embraces the vibrancy of this city, and his depictions of the famous jellybean row houses are obviously right up our alley!

Our favourite former candidate for Ward 2 councillor is Andrew Harvey, who also happens to be our favourite wallpaper artist. As an anthropology/archaeology MA, this Darwin poster definitely appealed to me. Its mate is an image decrying unicorns. I think. Both are hanging in the office.

Graham Blair creates fantastical limited editions from carved hardwood reliefs. Many of his images are simple depictions of animals. He’s a very popular ~monthly vendor at the St. John’s Farmers Market, along with his wife Emily and her waffles!! We decided on two images, Crows and Red Fox, to bring home for framing. Blair provides his limited editions with archival packaging, and ours survived the 2 months they were kicking around the office. We took advantage of a recent custom framing sale for archival preservation (definitely don’t want fading or discolouring).

We decided the framed prints would perfectly accompany a framed nautical chart of Northern Labrador, a Christmas gift from A. to J. after our adventure above the tree line.

PgP Photography is headed by Patsy Gosse, the ever-smiling photographer at The St. John’s Farmers Market. This is an amazing image of capelin, tiny fish that “roll in” each summer. Read more about the capelin phenomenon! The photo came with the double mat attached, and we framed it with a ready-made.

We framed another two of Patsy’s photos, depicting icy beach stones after a frost, and an urchin sitting on purple rocks. These are paired up in the hall leading to the kitchen.

St. John’s is lucky to have two Heritage Shops flanking the downtown core, which sell all types of handcrafted local products. I found this lovely print of Newfoundland whales for only $5! The print is based on a lithograph by Don Wright of Folly Head Studio.

We love local!


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