A Helpful Hobby

Over the holidays, J spent a lot of time in his work shop undertaking two small projects that would revolutionize our day-to-day existence. Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but his cutlery drawer divider and vinyl box have greatly improved the organization of items we use on a daily basis. J reclaimed some heritage floor boards, stripping out decades of nicks and stains, revealing a smooth new surface full of swirly grain patterns. For the record box sides and bottom, he used maple plywood.

My favourite quote during this project came when J was sealing the record box for the ninth time, and said “you know, Norm Abram only does seven coats of varnish.” So put that in your pipe, Mr. Abram, and gaze at the perfection that is nine coats:

Finishing caps are reclaimed oak, sides are maple plywood.

J stained the cutlery divider the same colour we used on the some other wood details in our kitchen, like the kick plates on bottom of our cupboards.

He measured each space to fit our organizational needs, and it fit! Hooray!

A measuring spoon compartment! Wheee! Peelers and corkscrews, together at last. Also, a space for the smallest spoons, which I have always preferred. Even the dog is excited about it.



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2 responses to “A Helpful Hobby

  1. It is so gratifying that dogs get excited about home projects … 🙂

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