Real Fruit Leather

I had *a lot* of unsweetened organic applesauce that I bought during a weak moment at Costco, so I decided to get rid of some jars by making all natural fruit roll-ups!

There are loads of recipes and instructions online, and I used advice from many sources. Since I thought the fan in the back of our dehydrator would blow parchment paper around, I rolled five of my stainless steel trays with oven-safe plastic wrap. I set the temperature at 68°C/140°F.

On each of the five trays, I spread ~2 1/2 cups of applesauce from the centre outwards, in a rough rectangle. I chopped up some of the cherries, bananas, and apples I dehydrated last week, and added some shredded coconut. Spreading the fruit on the applesauce in different arrangements, I decided to keep 2 of the trays plain, with nothing added.

After 6 hours, we have delightfully chewy fruit leather. My favourite is the cherry, banana, apple and coconut sheet, but they’re all tasty!

Dehydrated apples sprinkled over left side. Dehydrated cherries, bananas, apples, and shredded coconut on right side.

Plain ol' apple.

Close up...

Giant, healthy, homemade fruit roll-ups!



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2 responses to “Real Fruit Leather

  1. I’m so jealous of your food dehydrator. If I had the space for one I would come and steal yours!

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