We’ve been neglecting the blog over the last month, but we’ve been busy! The annual deadline of December 25th had us working frantically to finish up projects started over the past year. We’ll share that progress in our next post, but for now we’ll share some shots of Christmas in the row house.

Snipped some Alder branch and hung a single bulb.

Balsam fir clippings with wicker balls from The Flower Studio.

Made traditional orange pomanders with cloves for a perfect holiday scent.

White poinsettia, my favourite.

The first floor hallway, with lots of 'glass' bulbs, and balsam fir clippings.

Fir garland, plaid ribbon and lights winding up all three flights of stairs.

Our super huge Nova Scotian Christmas tree, which tripled in size after we opened the twine.

Close up of some ornaments.

The tree and mantel. On the mantel, I used a birch log felled during the hurricane in 2010, rescued from the spot around the bay.

I used the white birch on the mantel last year, and we liked it so much, it stayed! I dried oranges again this year, which serve as classic natural ornamentation.

Dried oranges on the mantel, Victorian style.


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