Closing up the cottage

It’s that pipe-freezing time of year again, so we took advantage of our beautiful weekend weather to prepare the cottage for winter. We like to visit the Cove a few times over the winter, but it’s likely we wont be there again until Christmas vacation.

Here are some photographs I took around the property:

Puppy girl happy to be at her favourite place in the world. We collect sun-scorched urchins and mussel shells from the beach below!

The dogberries are still clinging to the Mountain Ash trees...

...but almost as many berries have fallen to the ground.

Blueberry bushes empty of fruit, but ablaze with colour.

Late in the day, looking toward the Point.

From the deck, looking right to pine-needle covered wood's path.

Bird bath, out of commission.

Field stone wall.

Century-old cellar, 2 year old Lab.

Time for our Lab to do the classic 'insane rolling around on the ground in the most obtrusive way possible' thing.

Continued for ~2 minutes.

Looking out across the Cove in late afternoon.


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