The Basement

What better time of year to show off the creepiest part of our home!

I grew up in a new house, with a finished basement, containing a family room, play room, storage room and half bath/laundry. Despite being the first family to live there, I allowed my superb imagination to convince me of horrific monsters and terrifying ghosts that lived in the carpeted basement. I managed to survive childhood without any interference from metaphysical malevolence, and I’ve lived in some creepy old places, without incident, before finally moving to this house, and seeing a truly scary basement. While I can’t rationalize otherworldly beliefs, I can still spook the shit out of myself on a regular basis.

The door is very, very old. While we can't say for sure, it wouldn't surprise us it's original to the house. Modern modifications include a ventilation grate and an insane amount of hooks.

Our basement is creepy. It’s the original earthen floor surface, with the last owner laying down carpet samples and plastic sheeting. Gaaaah. I don’t want to guess at what lies beneath the wood panel walls he put up. The space is about 12 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 5’5 in the tallest spots (I’m 5’4, conveniently). We use the area for storage of our least valuable items, sealed in Rubbermaid containers. It’s also a great spot to stick off-season outdoor planters and yard items. Ready to see?

The cool turned wood knob on the basement door.

The way down...

At the bottom of the stairs, dirt! How many people can find 19th century artifacts by descending their stairs?! I've found lots of pipe stems, ceramic and glass, and bricks.

Boring to 96% of people, but the 120+ year old joins of the joists and beams are a work of art.

The best bottle we've found. Someone was keeping their stash down here, unsurprisingly.

No clue.

Not sure what this is either; any guesses?

Original brick work, on the wall between our house and our neighbour. Also, the sump pump which saved us during a minor 'water incident'.

Written on the shelf: "The Toronto All Star Big Band (Kids 10-20)"

A wood mantel, identical to the one in the green room on our middle floor. Very excited to freshen this up, and find it a home.

Oooh, but what is this; a heavy Rubbermaid labeled ‘kitchen’, stuck in a back corner??

Depending on your tastes, this is a truly frightening, or magically wondrous final discovery:

Full House, seasons 1 thru 4, Degrassi Junior High, When Harry Met Sally.....etc. Hidden on purpose?

Happy Halloween!



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2 responses to “The Basement

  1. Sarah

    I really like your blog, especially your experiences with your house. Your pics are gorgeous and I always love to see and hear images of Newfoundland. Keep it up!

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