A Wheat Wreath

Say that fast, five times.

I started my project with a grapevine wreath from Michael’s, and a bunch of wheat from Sobey’s, and what I could collect on hikes around Freshwater Bay (a half-bushel? quarter-bushel? what’s a bushel anyway?). Grand total, $11.

forgot to take a photo of the plain wreath, so here are some past grapevine wreaths being deconstructed

handful o'wheat

Snapping the wheat stems to leave ~6-8 inches, I then poked each piece through the grapevine wreath’s tendrils. I went around the wreath with about half of the wheat, so that it was evenly filled, but sparse.

Then I filled the remaining empty areas with the second half of my wheat, hiding most of the grapevine, and repositioning any wayward pieces sticking out on the edge. I stole a few pieces of purple cornhusk from some of my Indian corn, and used the glue gun to make a cornhusk bow.

Finished! It took about 45 minutes from start to completion.

Actually, I finished this project a few days ago, but the ENDLESS RAIN prevented me from attaching the wreath to the door. Here it is:

smudge marks on glass, courtesy of our dog


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