Autumn in the house!

The sun is disappearing earlier and earlier each evening, and we’ve turned on the heat as the temperatures dip into the single digits again. I don’t mind, because I love fall so much! If my dreams came true, I would live on a farm’s pumpkin patch surrounded by a corn maze, on the edge of a forest blazing with colour. I’m not sure what it is I love about the season so much, but maybe it’s the concentration of family+food-centered holidays, combined with the emergence of such intense colours in the natural world! Anyhow, it’s a great time of year to bring some of those shades and shapes inside.

My autumn dream-ponies live with Martha Stewart at my autumn dream-farm.

My favourite items come from the great outdoors, and are almost always free! Pine cones, branches, acorns, etc. are great additions, along with apples and pears, gourds and Indian corn.

Branches collected on a walk, grouped with pussy willows behind some framed photos in the living room. Dog that won't move for anyone at bottom right.

Pine cones in the mysterious art glass 'basket', in our kitchen.

Teddy bear sunflower at left, regular sunflower at right. From Seed2Spoon for $1/stem, available at the St. John's Farmers' Market.

Indian corn in vase, waiting for trick-or-treaters last year.

In a past post, I mentioned our close proximity to The Flower Studio. The shop always carries seasonal blooms, so I like to choose a few as a starting point for transitional decor. In fall & winter, I try to buy flowers and blossoms that will dry well, so that they can be enjoyed for a long time.

Kale heads, sometimes known as brassica in flower shops, come closed tightly, but can be opened to create large flower-like blooms.

From this... POUF!

I added some dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus, sea star fern, and a poppy seed pod.

Early fall arrangement for our entry

The first floor living room mantel is original to the house, and is the natural focal point in the space. We’re so happy that it was never painted through the years, since we feel the wood tones add warmth to the room. The simple mirror that hangs above was left by the previous owner, but we’re currently in search of something older, with a more interesting shape, and a wooden frame. The brass wall mounted light fixtures were also left behind, and we kind of like them, just not for this space. We’ll wait to replace them until we have a mirror.

Autumn mantel.

A pine branch collected from a felled tree after Hurricane Igor runs along the wall, with a portrait of a partridge by our friend Ryan Ryan. There are some felted forest creatures, from our young friend Daniel at the St. John’s Farmers’ Market. A brass plant mister sits next to a vase of cattails, pussy willows, and a banksia stem.

Banksia is so cool!

and kind of scary!

A limited-edition woodcut print by local artist Graham Blair centers the mantel, next to a polished labradorite ball, and a ceramic iceberg by Mike Gillan of Northeastern Folk Art.

On the right side of the mantel, I’ve placed some (faux) yellow pussy willow with (real) banksia leaves in a jar, and all of our favourite local field guides by Boulder Publications. They’re accessible so that we can grab them when we’re heading out for a drive or hike.

Thanks for reading! How do you incorporate the season into your house? What kinds of natural and/or local items do you add to your home?


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