Autumn at home

So, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’m a Come-From-Away, since it’s not how I think of myself after four great years in Newfoundland. J is a proud townie-bayman hybrid, and I hail from Nova Scotia, but we love to visit family and friends on the mainland, and enjoy the vistas of my ‘other’ province when we have the chance. We feel so lucky to have two beautiful provinces to call home!

We’ve been taking the Port aux Basques ferry to Nova Scotia and back, for three years. It’s the least stressful way to travel with our dog, who luckily LOVES the car!

Autumn is my favourite time of year, and there’s no place like home. On our trip in October 2010, we toured the vineyards in the Annapolis Valley, and took photos that almost managed to capture the spectacular season:

Walking on the ocean floor at Kingsport Beach, low tide.

Kingsport Beach footprints.

Make hay while the sun shines!

The Look-Off, near Wolfville.

Close up: The Look-Off

Foxhill Dairy House: cheese, yogurt, and ice cream made with local dairy.

Sun on the mountains. Yes, these are mountains in Nova Scotia.

Blomidon Estate Winery

Grapes at Blomidon Estate Winery.

We stayed at The Old Orchard Inn, in the dog-friendly cabins. The cabin was so cozy, and we were pretty much the only guests in the area.

A bed for us, a bed for the dog.

Lookin' at leek.

Gaspereau Vineyards

L'Acadie Vineyards, which was closed, but had beautiful grounds.

Rows and rows at L'Acadie Vineyards

Elderkins Orchard, where we picked apples and pumpkins, and I drank secret glasses of wine before noon.


She picked one from the lowest branch. It was really fun to keep her away from the enormous mound of fermenting apples near the lake.

The happiest dog finds a pumpkin!

Muir Murray Estate Winery

Solitary tree at Muir Murray.

Last call, at the Domaine de Grand Pré.

Willow trees at the Grand Pré National Historic Site (I excavated here during my undergrad!)

Ski Wentworth, pre-season.

Hubbards, getting closer to home.

Queesland beach, my favourite!

Trees on the Bluff Trail.

An accidental shot of me and the dog, on the Bluff Trail. She liked wearing her bright red bear bell!

Leaves on the Bluff Trail.

In the next post I’ll share some of my favourite Autumn-inspired interiors, and my attempts at inviting the season into our home.


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