Before we go further, we’ve got to go back

Well, we’re thisclose to finishing the final details of our first floor kitchen and bath reno. However, J is on a 16-hour day, every day kind of project, and this seems an impractical time for me to learn how to install crown moulding (expensive mistakes).

In anticipation of finishing one of the goals we have for our Master Plan, we’re reflecting on what we thought we wanted to do, compared with what we’ve achieved.

As we’re eventually transforming the first floor into a bachelor apartment, I wrote that “the bath and kitchen floors will be covered with ceramic or porcelain tile, after we lift the improperly installed laminate flooring from this area. Aside from this, no major changes to the interior design will be necessary.” (April 2011)

It sounds so easy! Well, the laminate and vinyl flooring was taken up (and the laminate flooring and ceramic tile beneath it too), and the ceramic tile was laid throughout. I’m not sure what I considered “major changes”, but we’re very glad that we invested in design details like the light fixtures, paint job, cabinet and counter updates, among other fixes. Stay tuned for the final trim reveal, with before and after photos!

Here’s an image of our current floor plan:

Floorplanner's software doesn't have piles of wood and other construction materials, so I've left the middle floor rooms empty. They are very. very. full.

…and now, our our goal floor plan (as laid out in Master Plan):

in the future, everything is compressed

Yep, we’re pretty happy with this small dent in our list of changes. Of course, the first floor still needs some major structural work to create a bachelor apartment:
-fire-rated wall to divide apartment from hallway
-kitchen window replaced with size for fire code
-create divided entry to separate apartments

None of this is urgent at present, because we plan to live here at least another year (tenant-freee). Since moving in, we’ve taken our time making decisions, and we’re devoting our hours and energy to spaces we live in the most. Our first project was the improvement of the master bedroom on the top floor, the very first week we moved in. After that, we worked on the adjacent room that we now use as an office and occasional guest bedroom. Since making positive changes to these rooms, we like spending time on the top floor.

In the following weeks, we’ll share the changes we made to these spaces, before we work towards the Master Plan (*cough*maaaaster baaaath*cough*). It’s been almost two years since we moved in and started renovations, so it will be a good exercise to go back and remember where we started!


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