Hurricane Maria

This is the view from our master bedroom on a pleasant day:

Beautiful day in the neighbourhood.

Here are a few photos of St. John’s harbour, taken from the same room, just before the arrival of Hurricane Maria.

Signal Hill + the Battery at left, trees dancing around power lines, jellybean rowhouses, and the Canadian flag

Houses in the Battery, at the base of Signal Hill

Trees in the wind.

Signal Hill and houses in the Battery, through the fog.

And just one hour later, the sun is splitting Signal Hill as St. John’s is in the eye of the storm.

Cabot Tower, Signal Hill

The Narrows

Sun breaking on Signal Hill during the eye of the storm

Gulls at the base of Signal Hill

Now we wait for the wind…



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2 responses to “Hurricane Maria

  1. Jack

    Wow, Auntie A! Is P-girl going crazy from the weather yet? Your friendly neighbourhood red-and-white kitteh next door xo

    • Heritage Row Reno

      Haha, she’s currently passed out in the middle of the floor, and lifts her head (completely annoyed) when she hears the loudest of the gusts. I don’t think she has any sensible fears, just vacuums, and the like.

      Do the kittehs go crazy during storms?

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