The very bright end tables

This Sunday, while J was busy 200 feet in the air:

Don't drop anything!

I was also also participating in a task of extreme danger:

That’s right: we had a rare day with little wind, and it was sunny, which meant I got to spray paint!

We’ve been using matching old end tables in the first floor living room since we moved in, but they add nothing to the aesthetic of the space.

Boring old table, sanded and ready for royal blue.

Since the surface had a gloss varnish, I used a foam sanding block all over, as it easily enters nooks and crannies! After this step, I used a more fine, P120 sandpaper on the tabletop.

We wanted to choose a hue that would compliment the bright green Rega turntable we keep on one of these tables, and felt that a royal blue would do the trick!

…and its partner, as a side table for reading and coffee cups (must find cool coasters)?

We’re pretty happy with the colour choice! What do you think?


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