Best-loved blooms and blossoms

Summer may have officially begun last week, but it’s barely reached springtime temperatures in St. John’s, Newfoundland. In fact, it has been the coldest June since 1982 (I wasn’t yet born, so can’t tell you if it was worse than this)!

To help brighten the persistent grey days we face, I like placing fresh and potted flowers throughout our house. We’re lucky enough to live a stone’s throw from The Flower Studio, my favourite florist in town. In addition to the more typical bouquet choices, they often carry uncommon blooms for imaginative arrangements.

My favourite vase EVER was given by a good friend when J and I first moved in; it’s a handmade rectangular vessel featuring two colourful jellybean row houses (from Whink at 118 Duckworth Street in downtown St. John’s.)

The following are some snapshots I’ve taken of my best-loved blooms and blossoms:

Daisies, mums, spider mums, hydrangea, statis, and bells of Ireland

Winter gerbera daisies

Winter berries, calla lillies, roses, and dahlias

Christmastime thistle, with dark berries, dianthus grass, and red branches

Brilliant thistle

Campanulas on the deck

Easter lilies

Ranunculus, tulips, and mums

Tulips and orchids

Hydrangea, black calla lilies, dusty miller, and red lilies

Winter white roses, daisies, and irises

Parrot tulips

June orchids


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