Reclaimed Footstool

We inherited an unused, but sturdy footstool from a relative at Easter dinner (a young couple we met in the elevator of this seniors’ building were holding a tv, also inherited at dinner).

The lid lifts to provide a small storage area.

We thought that the footstool could be enlivened through reupholstering and a new paint colour for the body; after perusing Fabricville and The Paint Shop, we chose this fun print, and Krylon spray-paint in Smoke Gray (gloss).

Because I love Venn Diagrams!

"Extreme danger!"

A sunny AND windless day in St. John’s is very rare this time of year, but as luck would have it, last Tuesday provided the prefect conditions for spray-painting! I removed the lid hinges and set them aside. I unscrewed each leg and stuck the screw end into an empty overturned kleenex box, preventing their contact during the spray job.

I balanced the body of the footstool on two rocks, atop a patio stone we use for paint jobs. After applying 20 very light coats, 5 minutes apart, the stool was dry and ready to come inside.

After 20 coats.

I chose to simply cover the lid with the new fabric, without the messy job of taking out the former material. The fabric needed a quick ironing, and then it was ready for the heavy-duty stapler. Since I chose a geometric pattern, I was careful to align the circles before finalizing the staples.

Lid ready to cover.

Four staples down..

One more side...

And here’s the result:

Perfect for hiding gaming console controllers!

Easy peasy.

And since there was some paint left in the can, I grabbed this plastic-framed mirror, left by the previous owners


After a few coats, voila!

Placed above a bedroom bureau.

After: close up.

From start to finish of both projects took ~1 hour.


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