A Brass Age Bathroom

Once upon a time (but most recently in the late 70s through early 90s), people adored brass! Everyone loved this shiny, yellowed metallic material so much that they clad their homes with brass sconces, outlet plates, and any other objects that offered to cram brass into their lives.




Having a background in archaeology, I’ll provide some totally legit insight on The Brass Age, via our first floor bathroom.

Upon entering, a very utilitarian laundry area greets you on the left. People of The Brass Age enjoyed displaying all of the many potions used in cleaning brass objects!

A vast array of potions, above the washer+dryer

The peachy paint colour served to accentuate the brass fixtures in this room, and had the added bonus of providing a Jersey Shore tan with the simple flick of a light switch.


Evidently, the population were of much smaller stature in the Brass Age, so a pedestal sink of this size was no issue (so long as there was a stepladder). In our opinion, the sink seems kind of huge and cumbersome in this space.

General observations? This mirror has no place outside of the 1980s, or your grandma’s place. Sorry! Um, also? We’re not big fans of the *modesty-lines* on the shower glass (seriously, wouldn’t most people take the remote chance of an embarrassing moment, rather than having those lines permanently etched on the glass?)

like a crosswalk to nowhere

Overall, we have a much more minimalist vision for recreating this space. Here’s a fun game with photos taken right before we moved in: how many bristled brushes (toothbrushes included) can you spot in the following [attempt at a] composite image?!

Brass Age folks washed their hair at least three times daily, necessitating many varieties and quantities of shampoo

Keeping our grand scheme in mind, we’ve chosen to keep the shower stall, as it was newly installed, and will satisfy the needs of a tenant in the future. Instead, we’ll use our resources on the middle floor powder room, and master bath.

The easiest and least costly way to update this bathroom are:
1) seal ancient gaps between walls + mouldings with painters caulk
2) paint the walls + bathroom cabinetry a light, cool colour to open up the space
3) switch out all brass fixtures for nickel or chrome fixtures
4) switch out huge pedestal sink with smaller sink + vanity (taken from mid-floor bathroom. Bonus: vanity cabinet allows for storage!)
5) organize shelving and storage behind washer and dryer

In the future, we’ll remove the flooring in this bathroom and the kitchen area, level the floors and install a tile floor. This is not a priority at present!

Stay tuned for Part II: The Nickel Revolution!


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