Do you do wreaths??

Growing up in the 90s, I loved crafting with my mom, whether we were tole painting flowers on wooden candlesticks, or sculpting messes from papier mache. One activity that eluded my interest was her brief stint making fabric wreaths, circa 1992. A few years ago, mom and I came across some glossy photos she’d proudly taken of her handiwork, resembling:

Once upon a time, someone was proud of this.

Despite being exposed to unfortunate examples of the craft at an early age, I’ve developed an appreciation for a nice, simple wreath (Mom has greatly improved her wreath-making skills by abandoning the method pictured above). My go-to base is usually grapevine; it’s natural looking, items can be easily attached, and the material is super inexpensive.

My latest wreath features one of my favourite objects, found in plentiful quantities in our spot around the bay: sea urchins!!

Hung on the pantry door.

I love placing sea urchins anywhere I can! They’re so pretty, interesting to examine, and they remind me of my seaside walks in warmer months. Mussel shells are another item found around the bay; their pearlescent colouring is striking! I’ve used three ribbons for my springtime wreath: one in a toile pattern, another is green silk, and the bow accent is a flat pewter. It’s super easy to use a small glue gun to affix any heavy items, or to ensure your ribbon stays placed. I’ve found that the glue is easily removed from the materials if I choose to deconstruct my wreath.

Here are some other wreaths I’ve made:

Christmas 2009: only dried orange slices and berries

Mini wreath Fall 2010: sprig of glossy red berries, and urchins (painted gold)

Christmas 2010, with tartan ribbon, urchins, dried orange, and acorn caps

Do you do wreaths??


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One response to “Do you do wreaths??

  1. Megan

    ‘Like a crosswalk to no where’ ah, I love you! The brass switch plates are the worst. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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