Tile Quest

The decision for the master bath tub surround has been made: all tile! We think that this is the look we’ll be most happy with in our space. Here are some photos of our inspiration for the platform:


Waugh Home Building

Vintage Tub + Bath



As previously mentioned, the old growth pine floors have been sanded, and we’ve chosen a dark walnut as the stain. This is what we hope to achieve:

Lawson's Timber

The whirlpool drop-in tub we purchased is white, and not really a consideration when it came to the task of choosing a tile. We checked out RONA, but who knew they closed at 5:30PM on Saturdays!? We were super bummed, since we had a coupon for *one day only* 15% off anything! It was salt in the wound when we saw the exterior sign advertising a plumbing sale!

Oh well, off to Home Depot and Kent, both of which stay open until 9PM. Of all the big box building stores, Home Depot has the largest selection of tile in Newfoundland, but most of the natural stone/marble are special order only (and super costly!). After considering our options at HD, we were immediately drawn toward a coral marble tile at Kent.

The 12×12 tiles are available in a box of 5. They range from ivory to gray, with very few rosy tones (which we chose), to tiles with bright burgundy and salmon streaks.


Not for us:

Bel Stone + Tile

We took 60 tiles, which factors wastage/loss. At home, I laid out all of the tiles on the living room floor, to ensure the overall tones and patterns were complimentary. We also carefully inspected each tile for serious imperfections, like major cracks or nicks.
Luckily, only 7 will have to be returned. Another reason we love Kent so much: they’ll accept individual tile returns! Woo!

About half the tiles laid out for inspection

Cracked tile, not going to make the cut!

There are some special considerations when it comes to using marble. It can stain easily, and has special maintenance needs. Since we’re using it for a very small area, in a non-flooring context, we feel the extra effort is worthwhile.

We chose a grout that almost exactly matched the tile:

I can hardly wait to rest a glass of (white) wine on the marble; I’ll be careful, I swear! We’ll spend most of the Easter weekend progressing toward that dream, fueled by chocolate and candy (thanks for the care package, mom!)


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