Kent Dates

It’s Friday afternoon, and we’re making a game plan for this weekend’s bathroom blitz! Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself here. When we moved into our house, there was a newly renovated 3 piece bathroom on the middle floor. We weren’t wild about the mishmash of building materials (a grand total of 5 different wall surfaces), or the tight layout. Our vision was to remodel the space as a powder room, requiring the removal of the existing tub. Our new tub would be in the master bath, in the smallest room on the top floor.

Mid-floor bath at home inspection time

The middle floor bath has now been stripped for a whiiile (read: no bathtub, only the shower stall on our first floor), while we’ve worked out a general plan for both spaces.

This weekend we’re ready to make some progress on our master bath. Here are photos of the room when we moved in, and then again right before we began work, a few weeks ago. Note the DIY television stand the previous owners wall-mounted. Until the 30 lb tv was removed, I avoided its trajectory like it was a laser beam!

The looming television and the little guitar.

To date, the laminate wood flooring has been pulled up, revealing pine floorboards that look every day as old as 100!

Before laminate flooring was pulled

Revealing the pine boards..


It’s important to us to retain, restore and reuse the original attributes of the house, whenever possible. Instead of leveling the floor (a major pain during our midfloor reconstruction), and reflooring with a typical bathroom tile, we decided to sand the pine boards, and go with a dark chestnut stain. Crazy, right! Wood floors in a bathroom can be risky, but we’re making careful choices to make it work!

Here’s a shot of the sanding process

We thought about a clawfoot tub, reflecting the Victorian character of the home.

Freestanding tubs are also really cool.

wood floors!

Both clawfoot and freestanding tubs would have to be placed on a tiled platform, to avoid water splashing out and onto the floor. Aesthetically, a tub like this would keep the room looking as large as possible, but the space around it would be largely wasted.

“How about a drop-in tub, with a tiled platform surround?” J asked. I wasn’t sold at first, but after realizing the amount of useable shelf space we would have around the tub, I was intrigued. Then J pointed out how easily and safely I could get in on bad lupus days. We could look at whirlpool models. SOLD!

Our relative aim: a drop-in tub with tile surround!

Last weekend we picked out this model at Kent, after shopping around at Home Depot and Rona. Our final choice was not available at Home Depot, but cost ***significantly*** less than the exact tub at Rona. We chose the model with 10 microjets, for the most therapeutic massage! The tub, home and out of the box:

at last!

So here we are, with a whole weekend ahead! What tile to chose for the surround?! What wall colour?! Don’t even ask about a vanity.

Alright, time to go get ready for our Kent Date!


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