Images of Labrador

As promised, here’s our favourite shots from The Big Land. In the summer of both 2005 and 2006, J spent three months camping north of Nain, the northernmost community in Labrador, assisting geological field work. In the summer of 2008, we met on the Down North, a Grenfell mission schooner built decades before. We sailed up the coast of Labrador to an archaeological site 300 kms North of Nain, and far beyond the treeline. We spent our first weeks together hunched over nautical charts, and on deck under the Northern Lights.

Dawn through the rigging, taken while docked in Nain.

Strathcona Run, just outside of Nain and heading North.

White Bear Island. Wish we had time to explore!

Saddle Island. Right after Stirrup Island.

Sunny day on deck, with Cape Mugford to the left. Watching out for the breakers, and abnormal magnetic variation in the area.

Arriving on site at dusk, caching some equipment, looking for bear tracks.

Just another caribou, moseying through.

Typical weather. Spot our camp, looking prett-ty tiny.

And on a much more sunny day, our camp (200m from the red food tent).

Hanging out in the food tent, protecting the chocolate bars and peanut butter.

Tent ring.

I spy: a schooner, an iceberg, tents, and a J.

The most beautiful day on site.


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