Reclaimed floor cabinet

During our recent bathroom renovation, it was decided that we no longer had room for the floor cabinet left behind by the sellers.

Boring cabinet, to the right of enormous pedestal sink. Note that this is an inspection photo; bathroom reno post coming soon!

The white cabinet had been pretty useful, serving as easy-access storage for toiletries. It was dull and drab, and needed something special….

like high-gloss bright green paint, and lucite glass knobs!!

So we quickly sanded the cabinet with a sanding sponge, and removed the hardware. All of the cabinet pieces were laid out on a newspaper-covered floor, with edges propped up to avoid any sticking to the paper. The window was opened, and J. donned his mask to prevent really weird hallucinations.

Time to visit Kent ! After considering paint vs. spraypaint, we decided to go with the latter, and chose high-gloss Kelly Green, at a cost of $5.97/can. Our knobs were about $4.50/each, and our cabinet required three. Total cost of the project? $22.50 (tax incl.)

A few coats in

The final coat count was three, with about 24 hours between each coat. We added new silver hinges ($1.85) on the door, and used a glue gun to reaffix the panes of glass. Here’s the final result!


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