The Third Floor and Final Tour!

Well, here we are: the bottom of the stairs leading to the third floor. The thin slat board ceiling is one of the features that we first loved in this home- it’s in great shape throughout all of the rooms. The view from the window at the top of the stairs presents a view of St. Mary’s Basilica’s two towers.

The first room off the top of the stairs was presumably used for storage. The slat ceiling is in perfect shape here, and tons of natural light comes through a window on each outside wall.

Further down the hall is the front bedroom, used by the former owners as a guest bedroom. It’s a very bright room, and offers a beautiful view of The Narrows, Signal Hill and Cabot Tower. We can see boats enter and leave the harbour, and at night, a slow stream of headlights meander down Signal Hill.

The last room on the third floor was used as a guest bedroom, as its small size accomodates little else than a bed. A television was precariously slanted toward the bed, and I held my breath any time I walked in its possible trajectory! It was removed shortly after this photo.


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