Another tour! The second floor.

Last time, we took you through the first floor as it was during inspection. This time around, we’re heading up to floor number two, conveniently located right above floor one. What lies ahead?? First stop, the second floor deck. We liked the red glass in the transom window above the deck door. It turned out to be an adhesive decal!

The deck is about 8×5, and fits a bbq, table, and a few chairs. There’s lots of tree cover, but we still catch the afternoon sun. The screen door has these great folksy tree cut-outs.

The first room off the stairs is affectionately known as ‘The Pink Room’ (it sounds much nicer than ‘Pepto Bismo Super Explosion’). Amazingly, this colour is still on the walls, and the room houses most of our DIY equipment. Did you know that some sporting arenas paint the opposing team locker room pink?? It’s supposed to inspire tranquility, to the point of lethargy. Now I have an interesting excuse when I think about the lack of our progress certain weekends…
(You can read about pink locker rooms here)

One pink wasn’t enough for this room.

The second room on this floor will be known as The Green Room. This appeared to be used as a second living space, equipped with a huge built-in desk and shelves. At one point, it may have been a kitchen, since there is functioning plumbing to a sink (??) by the window. The room has tons of light, owing to two large windows and their bright, white original wood trim.

There are two forces that work to weigh the room down: a) that massive built-in desk, and b) the black fireplace.

Exhibit A) massive built-in. Note sink in corner.

Exhibit B) electric fireplace, painted black with faux-brick surround.

The last room on this floor is the full bathroom at the end of the hall, on the front of the house. It had recently been redone, but was a bit claustrophobic with the large bath, sink cabinetry, and oversized light fixture. Pretty inoffensive colour, but not our style at all.

Lastly, there was an enormous cabinet adjacent to the bathroom door, which made it awkward to turn the stairs to the third floor. While it provided a lot of storage, its size just didn’t work for us. Now it houses tools and etc. in The Pink Room!

Join us next time when we’ll venture up to the third and final floor.


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