A Tour! The First Floor.

We’ll guide you around the rooms and features of our house as it was during home inspection. The sellers were kind grandparents who had inherited the home in 1994, and had a proclivity towards faux flowers, beaded lace window trimmings, and a Golden Girls colour palette. They left lots of sweet notes around the house, in addition to the butterfly wall decals.

Refer to ‘Our House’ tab at the top for the floor plan.

The front door is solid wood, with brass plates at the bottom. At the left is the electrical panel, contained in a gargantuan wood cabinet.

Looking from front door to back. Not our dog! There’s a door to the left, just outside of this shot, which leads to the front room. The door at the left further down the hall leads to the kitchen. At the very rear, you can see the wood door that leads to the backyard.

Here’s the front room…soo muuch stuuuff! To be fair, the owners were moving ASAP, and were in packing-mode. We saw past the moving boxes, and really loved the 13 foot ceilings in this room, and the original moulding and woodwork details. Also, it has a propane fireplace insert in the original, unstained wood mantle! There’s nothing like propane heat during a St. John’s winter.

The first floor bath has no natural light, and was not a favourite room. The space also contains the washer and dryer, and no real space for laundry prep and folding.

The kitchen. Yeah, that’s a tv.

The kitchen…how did they fit all those chairs there?! We currently have a small table and 2 chairs there, barely fitting.

Our ground floor deck! The lot is quite large for the area, at 13×30. It hasn’t been landscaped ever. At all. To any degree. We therefore find lots of interesting detritus and lost treasures after a long rain, including pipe stems, various ceramic wares, and a century of glass.

Looking down to first floor.

See you next time, when we wander up the stairs!


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